Leipzigs drinking fountains

The best refreshment - natural drinking water from the region - is available for free from our 28 drinking fountains in many places in Leipzig.

They are connected to the freshwater network and Leipziger Wasserwerke monitors the water quality continuously. You will find all locations on our map. Simply click on the drinking fountains symbol for more information on the location and stay hydrated!

Public drinking fountains

FAQ water fountains

Yes, you can. The drinking fountains are directly connected to the Leipziger Wasserwerke pipeline network and supply fresh drinking water. Drinking water is a strictly controlled foodstuff in Germany. To ensure this, the employees of the drinking water laboratory regularly check the quality of the individual wells and carry out flushing and maintenance tasks.

The quality of the wells is regularly checked by the drinking water laboratory with regard to hygiene and drinking water quality. Qualified samplers take water samples from the devices at regular intervals and analyze them in the laboratory. In addition, the colleagues at the waterworks subsidiary Bau und Service Leipzig GmbH ensure the reliable operation of the equipment through regular maintenance intervals.

The fountain is currently cleaned automatically every six hours, i.e. four times a day. If you don't hop to the side quickly enough, you could get your feet wet. During this ten-minute flushing process, the pipes are thoroughly rinsed so that germs don't stand a chance!

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