Dogs, bicycles and luggage

If you are travelling with a dog, bicycle or large piece of luggage, you will need a special ticket. Find out what you need to know about taking them with you. By the way: wheelchairs, walking frames and prams always travel free with LVB.

Click here to find out when you need a special ticket (Extrakarte):

Small dogs and small animals in suitable containers can travel free of charge on Leipzig's buses, trams and trains. This also applies to dogs accompanying disabled persons (assistance dogs). If you are travelling with a dog that is not in a container, simply buy a special ticket (Extrakarte) in the appropriate price category.

For everyone's safety

  • Dogs which are not in a transport box must be muzzled and kept on a short lead. This does not apply to guide dogs or assistance dogs.
  • Dogs and small animals may travel with passengers, but not on the seats.
  • All other pets must be transported in appropriate containers.

Folded bicycles in bike bags, children's bicycles and tricycles are carried free of charge. To carry other bicycles, simply buy a special ticket (Extrakarte) in the appropriate price category.

We can only carry bicycles and bike trailers if there's enough space on the bus, tram or city train. We therefore advise you to avoid peak times.

If you have a valid ticket, you don't need a separate ticket for your hand luggage or suitcase on our buses, trams and trains. However, you do need a special ticket in the appropriate price category for anything you cannot carry yourself, especially bulky items.

Make sure your luggage is secured - there is plenty of space on our vehicles for luggage and bicycles.

Overview of prices

Special ticket (Extrakarte)

Leipzig (zone 110)

€ 2.10 / 2.30**

1 zone MDV*

€ 1.50 / 1.60**

2 zones MDV

€ 2.90 / 3.20**

*does not apply to Leipzig zone (110) or Halle zone (210)
**price as of August 1, 2024

Free of charge: prams, wheelchairs and walking frames

Prams and buggies are carried free of charge, unless they are used for purposes other than carrying small children, such as luggage, animals, etc. In such cases, you must buy a special ticket (Extrakarte) in the appropriate price category for each pram or buggy. Bicycle trailers and handcarts carrying children are transported free of charge.

Wheelchairs and walking frames are also carried free of charge. Passengers using orthopaedic aids and requiring assistance to board or disembark are requested to contact us in advance so that we can provide assistance. Passengers using electric scooters and electromobiles should check the tariff and transportation conditions.

Do you have a question or would you like some personal advice?

Just give us a call on +49 (0)341 19449. We are here for you 24 hours a day and look forward to helping you.

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