Drinking water quality in Leipzig

As Leipziger Wasserwerke, we supply more than 720,000 people in Leipzig and the region with fresh drinking water every day.

To do this, we operate four large waterworks in the Mulde valley near Naunhof and Wurzen, which pump three quarters of the drinking water required every day. With around 7,200 drinking water samples a year, the waterworks take a particularly close look at the quality and composition of the drinking water.

In-house laboratories ensure high quality

As part of a reliable water supply and wastewater disposal system for the people of Leipzig, we also ensure the best water quality. To ensure this, our drinking water and wastewater is tested daily. To this end, Leipziger Wasserwerke operates two in-house laboratories in which the legally prescribed and additional analyses of drinking water and wastewater are carried out. In addition, drinking water and wastewater as well as our technical facilities are regularly inspected by external inspection authorities. We submit our annual inspection plan for this purpose.

Every year, our employees test up to 12,500 samples for around 300 components with up to 325,000 individual determinations. We check the quality of drinking water and wastewater at least once a day. For drinking water quality monitoring alone, we take and analyze over 7,200 samples a year at various points in the water extraction, treatment and distribution process.

Hardness of water

Karte der Wasserhärte in und um Leipzig


Light blue: hardness range medium

Dark blue: hardness range hard

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