Barrier-free travel in Leipzig

Trams and buses are easy to use for people with reduced mobility. Whether you are visually impaired, in a wheelchair or hearing-impaired - you can travel safely and comfortably with us. 

Tips for accessible travel

Plan your journey with the information you need about timetables and stops. You can find accessible stops on the route network map, easily identified by the wheelchair symbol. Our customer service staff will be happy to help you plan your journey on our trams and buses: 

I have reduced mobility

Getting on and off 

You can board and alight from low-floor vehicles and high-floor platforms without assistance. Special buttons with a wheelchair/pram symbol ensure that the vehicle doors remain open for you for longer. All doors are also equipped with anti-trap devices. Please also ask other passengers using the multi-function areas to assist you and, if necessary, move into the aisles to make way for you. 

On our Flexa vehicles, access to the non-slip interior is particularly easy. A ramp can also be folded out if required. Grab handles are provided throughout the vehicle for added safety. If required, a seat can be rotated out of the vehicle so that you can sit on it outside the vehicle. Turn the seat inwards to find a safe place in the car. 

If you have a walking aid (e.g. walking frame), please state this when ordering so that we can ensure there is enough space in the car for it. 

Rollstuhltaster in einer Bahn oder einem Bus
Zwei mobilitätseingeschränkte Personen an einer Haltestelle
Eine Frau im Rollstuhl lächelt in die Kamera. Im Hintergrund steht ein Flexa-Fahrzeug mit Rampe.

Parking spaces for wheelchairs and walking frames

On our trams and buses, there are special areas at the double doors (multifunctional areas), especially for wheelchairs, walking frames and prams. Baby carriages and wheelchairs are positioned lengthways and against the direction of travel. Please secure them against rolling and tipping by tightening the parking brake. If you are using a walker, please place it on the multifunctional areas and sit on the passenger seat marked with the wheelchair.

When booking your Flexa trip via the app or telephone, simply state that you have a wheelchair. You can safely enter the vehicle via a wheelchair ramp. The vehicle is fitted with the appropriate safety equipment for carriage in a car. Our drivers are trained to help you get on and off the vehicle. Sufficient time will be allowed at stops. In addition to the wheelchair user, up to two other people can be carried in the same vehicle. 

The maximum dimensions for wheelchair passengers are as follows: 

  • Unladen dimensions: maximum 120 x 70 cm / 47 x 27,5 in (LxW) 
  • Dimensions (including passenger): maximum 125 x 80 x 130 cm / 49 x 31,5 x 51 in (LxWxH) 
  • Weight (including passenger): maximum 250 kg / 551 lb 

Note on e-scooters: The transport of electric wheelchairs is possible in the Flexa areas Leutzsch and Southwest. A specially equipped Flexa vehicle is used for this purpose and can be booked by telephone. 

Mann mit Rollstuhl und Frau mit Krücken in einer Straßenbahn
Eine Frau sitzt in ihrem Rollstuhl in einem Flexa-Fahrzeug und lächelt in die Kamera.

On the move with an e-scooter

More and more people are dependent on technical aids, such as e-scooters, due to a disability-related mobility impairment. According to the current conditions of carriage, these aids may only be carried if they do not pose a threat to the safety and good order of the service and do not cause inconvenience to other passengers. 

There are special requirements for the transport of e-scooters. For this reason, LVB has set up its own inspection procedure, which is carried out by staff from the quality assurance department. A technical inspection is carried out and the user's personal requirements are checked. If they pass, customers receive an authorisation card together with an inspection sticker, which is affixed to the e-scooter and is valid for one calendar year. 

E-scooters must be parked lengthways to the direction of travel on the designated areas and secured against rolling away andor tipping over by firmly applying the parking brake. For safety reasons, e-scooters cannot be transported without a parking brake.

The transport of e-scooters is permitted if:

  • the e-scooter can be secured with a parking brake,
  • the minimum ground clearance of eight centimetres (due to driving over the unfolded ramp) is not undercut, 
  • it is possible to park the e-scooter with the front side facing forward (on the special use area),
  • if the e-scooter and user do not weigh more than 250 kg / 551 lb.

E-scooters are carried free of charge - but only if transport capacity permits. The decision to carry an e-scooter is made by the driver and operator. There is no obligation to carry e-scooters if, for example, the space is already occupied or if it would unreasonably impede other passengers from boarding or alighting. E-scooters will not be carried if they are being used for purposes other than their intended use, such as transporting objects, goods or luggage. 

I can't see well

At simple stops, it is best to wait at the boarding point marked with grooves.

For better orientation, the route number and destination are announced on doors 1 and 2 of our vehicles.

At double stops, our drivers will stop again at the first (front) stop if it is clear that there is a visually impaired passenger waiting in the blind spot. 

You can book your Flexa trip via the app or by calling +49(0)341 492-1122. The operator can tell the Flexa driver that a blind or visually impaired passenger will be waiting at the pick-up point. It is best if you also provide your mobile phone number when ordering. Our drivers can then call you if you cannot find each other immediately. 

Flexa vehicles also offer good visibility of the interior. For example, the grab handles and door handles, the coin tray for ticket purchases and parts of the seats are in signal colours. 

I can't hear well

We are working to provide all relevant passenger information in both audible and legible formats. 

If you would like to travel with Flexa, you can book the vehicle via app. The Flexa vehicles we use have a special feature for people with hearing impairments: An intercom system with a built-in induction loop for hearing aids allows you to speak to the driver with minimal background noise. This requires the T-coil in the hearing aid to be activated. 

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